As one of of our core objectives as a non-profit entity, Elders Without Borders is committed to serving as a forum for the facilitation of regular gatherings of traditional, indigenous elders throughout the world.


To date, we've hosted numerous small and medium sized gatherings, along with two international events of note, for the purpose of fulfilling this mandate, inspired by Grandfather William Commanda.


Key events in our history:


Victoria Island, Ottawa-Gatineau - 1998 -26 elders came together to share spiritual knowledge with hundreds of attendees.


Nakoda Lodge, Banff, Alberta - In 1999, a once-in-a-lifetime gathering at Nakoda Lodge in Banff, Alberta involving elders from the Blood, Cree, Peigan and Tsutina nations, sharing their teachings with one another.


National Tour, Willaru Huayta - In 2001 and 2002, the Incan spiritual messenger from Peru, sponsored by Elders Without Borders, lectured and taught master sessions in numerous cities including Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto.









May the Eagle and the Condor stir your desire to assist the people in their plight for sovereignty and self-determination.

Elders Without Borders and its related activities may continue with financial support from organizations and individuals who provide sponsorship for some of our activites. Contact us to learn more about funding opportunities, both nationally and internationally.




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